Project List

Tracking Of Solar Panel With Hydraulic System

Self Locking Of Worm Wheel

Electra-Magnetic Breaking System

Abrasive Jet Machining

Automatic Cutting Machine

L X Champing Fixture

Speed Breaker Air Compressor

Electrical Jack

Right Angle Friction Drive

Value Lapping M/C

By Directional Mixing Machine

Multipurpose Punching Machine

Continuously Variable Transition

Six Leg Walker

Reduction Gear Box

Auto Indexing Table

Movable Table

Almond Coupling

Hybrid Mechanism

Solar Agriculture spread Pump

Pneumatic Lifter

Bottle Filling Machine

Fatigue Testing Machine

Cam Grinding Machine

Robots Welding Controller

Auto Taping Machine

Hydroelectric Jack

Ball Turning Attachment Of Lathe

Mini Ice Plant

Electric Car

Manually Operated Battery Charges

Novel Coupling

Toggle Jack

Design & Fabrication Of Signal Air Turbine

Hydraulic Pulling & Mounting Machine

Jack-No Effort

Continue Variable Drive

Evolution Of IC Engine By Comp

Dead Weight Pressure Tester

Heat Exchanger

Chain Less Cycle

Non Conventional Water Heater

Advance Seed Sowing M/C

Agriculture Solar Pump

Multi Spindle Drilling Attachment

Pest Filling M/C

Cam Plotter

3 Stage Gear Reduction Box

Automation By Cam

Auto Stamping

Electromagnetic Clutch

Ball Clutch

Pneumatic Vehicle

Gear Tester

Hand Operated Molding

Core Shooter

Heat Exchanger

Oil Filter

Plastic Recycle Machine

Gear Tester

Solar Crane

Oil & Grease Skimmer

Kino Generator

Hydraulic Press

Speed Breaker Air comp & Energy Generation

Air Filling System In Two Wheeler Engine

Multi Spindle Drilling Attachment With Machine

Hover Craft

See Saw Mechanism

Manually Operated Chain Drive Lifting

Automatic plastic welding robot

Manual Operated Washing M/C

Paddle Power Water Pump

Vehicle Suspension Energy Generation

Regenerative Breaking System

Multi Nut Opener

Multi Purpose Harvester

Harvester With Collector

Mini Oil Equipment

LPG Cooling System

Pendulum Energy Generation System

Low Polluting Silencer

Automatic Roller Punch

Pneumatic Punching Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machine

Automatic Two Wheeler Stand

EGR Diesel Engine

Square Turning Attachment On Lath Machine

Strain case robot

Hydro-pneumatic breaking system

Vertical axis air turbine

Automatic wiper system

Button operated elector-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler

Active magnetic suspension

Cell Phone based two wheeler security system

Fabrication of Automatic Railway Gate Controller

Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor

Fabrication of speed breaker electricity generation unit

Fabrication of two wheeler water lifting pump(W.O. 2wheeler)

Hydro pneumatic vice

Manually operated spared pump

CAD Modeling Analysis project

Hydraulic cutting machine

Manually operated mixture

Planetary mixture

Gearbox mechanical lifter

Induction molding machine

Plastic molding machine

Rubber molding machine

Pneumatic Riveting machine

Greece pump

Lapping machine

Manual Riveting machine

Jig and fixture

Pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic lifter


New common engine

Universal crank shaft

Four stroke engine

Pantograph Engraving machine

Floor mill

Air conditioner

Graft cutting fixture

Drilling jig for W. N. Flange

Drill-grinding Fixture

Drilling-jig for sleeve

Embarrassing without motor

Drilling jig

Spherical turning attachment on lathe

Design and Fabrication of mold vibrating machine

solar weight lifter

Angular telescopic transmission drive

Square hole drilling machine attachment

P.V.C.pipe cutting machine

Working model of pneumatic robot

Semiautomatic pouch filling machine

Automatic bottle filling machine

Non-conversational barkers

Backslapping machine

Ball bearing test apparatus

Controlling of boring depth

Equilibrating machine

Draw cup tool


External thread whirling attachment

Multicolor system

Pipe cutting machine

Gearbox trolley jack

Hydraulic jacking system

Design and fabrication of incarnate

Design and Fabrication of elector-chemical grinder.

Intermittent jet engine

Oil seal

Bottle sealing machine

P.V.C.pipe cutting machine


Ting lazed soldering machine

Square hole drilling machine

Fatigue-testing machine

Two-stroke engine driven aunt propelled trolley

Three way skidding press

Pneumatics shearing machine

Pneumatically operated grease pumping machine

Glass cutting and drilling by AJM

Vacuum lifter

Universal carpentry machine

Dosing and Fabrication of turning fixate

Dosing and fabrication of hydraulic puller

Pneumatic comparator

Frequency response of totaling unbalance disk

Air circulating temperature furnace

Broaching attachment on lathe machine

Lubrication gear pump

Cam grinding machine

Pipe squeezing machine

Design and fabrication of bevel gear lapping machine

Electrically-operated muffle furnace

Floor scrubbing cum mopping machine

Modification in textile industries

Hydraulic pallet truck

Lapping machine

Mechanical boron

Natural frequencies of fixed free prismatic bar

Nibbling machine

Peal testing machine

P.C.based air fuel ratio control in S.I. engine

Pneumatic convening

Robots welding controller

Screen Printing machine for round objects

Surface roughness measuring instruments

Progressive die for manufacturing link arm

Tumbling Barrel

Tractor drown semiautomatic sugarcane planter

Oscillating cylinder air engine

Lever operated lubrication device

Almond coupling mechanism

Auto tapping machine

Design and Fabrication of paper shredding machine

Design and Fabrication of press tool for chaEel plate sprint machine

Design and Fabrication of single air turbine

Hydroelectric jack

Filling machine gear cutting attachment on other machine

Hot air engine

Experimental set up for cross flow hand exchanger

Hand operated domestic mixture

Intermittent jet conjoined with fogger

Performance of variable opening dashpots

Endurance testing machine for non-metal

Roadster printer

Band saw machine

Rotating cantilever testing machine

Beats phenomenon apparatus

Automatic conveyor as feeder for cold rolling machine

Apparatus to draw frequency response curve under various damping


Ball turning attachment of lathe

Briquette machine for aggro waste

Design and Fabrication of semiautomatic spring coiling machine

Design and Fabrication of electric furnace for shrinkage fitting

Design and Fabrication of solar heater

Design and Fabrication of bevel gear dynamo-meter

Air curtain

Pneumatic riveting hammer

Swash plate mechanism

Slot cutting machine

Variable speed drive

Design and Fabrication of decorator

Casting and fabrication of external threading machine

Casting and fabricating and of faEing-2000

Hydraulic weight lifter

Design and Fabrication of three roller sugarcane crusher

Design and Fabrication of gas air mixture unite

Fabrication and analysis of the jet abrasive machine

Gear testing machine instant pressure air coprocessor

Mini Ice plant

Outcrop thresher

Contraception profile turning attachment on lathe machine

Vortex tube refrigeration

Water hammer forming

Working model of 25 pounds field gun

Fencing machine

Multipurpose crane hydraulic

Extreme pressure oil taxing machine

Lathe tool dynamiters

Low cost automation system

Portable centering machine

P.V.C.welding machine

Plate tip lapping machine

Solar power regenerative engine

Two stroke compression ignition engine

The universal friction and wear measuring machine

Semiautomatic pneumatic riveting machine

Turbo super charger with recuperated

Governor with rotor

Toggle jack

Shaffer mechanism

Bottle printing technology / mechanism

Solar operated left or conveyor

Multipurpose drilling attachment


Hydraulic bending machine

Train wheel operated door operation Sweet making machine

Roller cutting using electric sensor or conveyor

Design and fabrication of three wheeler with wheel chair attachment.

Conference cycle

Battery operation telescopic screw jack for lifting light vehicle

Hybrid electric vehicle

Handicapped vehicle on Battery charging in vehicle

Modification if fuel injection system

Manual operated laddu maker

Exercise cum washing machine by utilizing human panel power

Gearbox downloading mechanism

Advance-seed sowing machine

Bullock-operated spraying machine by using cam follower

Embossing on metallic cylindrical surface

Rope twisting machine

Design and fabrication of lifting and transporting machine

Auto roti motor

Design manufacturing of hand operated shaping and slotting machine

Hydraulic camphor making machine

Eco-friendly Refrigeration system

Ratcheted hydraulic jack

Hydraulic pipe bending machine

Solar based agriculture spray pump

Foot operated spanner

Solar cum wind hybrid uninterrupted

Power generator

Wood gas stove battery operated cycle cum Inverter

Vice type clamping

Steam operated solar cooking system

Parabolic type solar water heater

Dry-dates Crusher

Advanced fertilizer feeding machine

Biba crushing machine

Multi seed sowing machine with planter and driller

Wind energy operated water lifting machine

Electromechanical material handling equipment

Pneumatically-operated material handling machine

Robot using electromagnet

automatic lift

Automatic tapping machine

Paddle operated electric generator

Hydraulic operated metallurgical

Specimen molding machine

Shareholding machine

Hybrid vehicle

Groundnut-oil extraction machine

Automatic operated handicapped chair

Electromagnetic beam engine

Orbital cutting machine

Sheet rolling machine with bending

Manually operated stator winding machine

Advanced abrasive cutting machine

Electronic making process

Magnetic brake system

Fiberglass reinforced plastic cutting machine

Self acting weighing machine

Tricycle fitted with wind mill reducing efforts of pedal.

Novel coupling

Betel nut cutting machining

Metal cutting using E.A.S.E.M.T. technology

Multipurpose food preserver

Vacuum packing machine

Hydraulic dressing attachment for grinder

Self driven water pump

Hydraulic lifter trolley

Manually operated Battery charging machine

Windmill operated Battery charging machine

Electric-motor cycle


Spry Robot

Hydraulic generator

Flour-mill operated by bull power

Biomass alternative fuel water heater

Solar based inverter

Non-conventional water heater

Grass cutting machine

Agriculture-seeds dryer

Mechanical-sowing machine

Seed flow controller

Bio gas operated agriculture power sprayer

Multipurpose grass cutter

Chinless cycle

Folding car

Vacuum pick and place system


Multipurpose spindle drilling attachment

Automatic-gas filling station

Manually-operated Bio-gas filling machine

Oil expelled

Manually-operated water lifter

Robot-handling machine

Door operated solar power

Solar car

Door operation by steam engine

Pneumatic-riveting machine

Automatic riveting machine

Prototype-automatic shutter

Modern-spray pump

Drip-irrigation system

Design and Manufacturing of radiator

Pneumatically fixture

Drilling-machine attachment using Geneva mechanism

Double-disk lapping machine

Design and development of a centrifugal pump test rig.

Automatic-dough making machine

Multipurpose grading machine

Waste heat recovery from LPG

Pneumatically-operated plastic injection molding machine

Square-cutting attachment

Design and Construction of modified power lifting machine

Universal Index able PCD Drilling Jig.

Fiberglass extraction machining



Sugarcane on bicycle

Three-way agricultural spry pump

Semisolid weighing machine

Almond coupling

5-wayphumatic robot

Four-wheel steering mechanism

Piston ring mounting machine

Pneumatically operated piston ring mounting machine.

Foot-operated mixer


D.C.motor-operated hovercraft

Panto-graphic AJM


Solar engine


Bio gas Automotive best Alternative fuel

Design of Relieving attachment on center Lathe

Design of Sand Muller machine


Dummy Axle Analysis by ANSYS Software”


Crack Diagnosis in Beams Using Measurements of Natural


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